Goulash, Chimney Cakes and Ruin Bars in Budapest – Budapest Video

published: 2018-06-11 22:00:00

We couldn’t leave Budapest without trying the goulash. It’s everywhere. June in a hot and humid climate wasn’t lighting our fire for beef stew. It doesn’t matter…goulash it is.

After our free walking tour in the Jewish Quarter, we headed over to Budapest’s Central Market. We had 45 minutes on a Saturday before they closed for the day. Central Market is HUGE. LOTS of meat, produce and other ingredients filled the stands on the first floor. Small stalls packed with souvenirs and tchotchkes upstairs. Toward the front of the building on the second floor, you’ll find small food vendors and big crowds.

The food was mostly Hungarian food. We see a lot of food halls and there’s usually a mix of cuisine. We wondered how all of these places stayed in business since they serve many of the same items.

We picked the stall with the longest line because we figured they might be crowded for a reason. Not a foolproof method but this time it worked out for us (though maybe they’re all delicious?).

Goulash is a little soupy and we ordered it over red cabbage doused in sour cream. Flavorful with very tender beef, yummy big time.

We were nearly out of Hungarian Forints and the vendors seem to accept cash only so happy to find an ATM in Central Market.

We’d seen chimney cakes on the street and searched for one of those. A tour guide told us they are best hot and fresh. That meant waiting for ours to cook from scratch. Twenty minutes? Seems a short time to wait when you’re not in a rush. Surprise (ha!)…a hot, cinnamon and sugar covered warm dough ball is delicious. Who knew? Ummm, everyone!

We liked checking out the different ruin bars in Budapest. We didn’t sit and order anything, though. There seemed to be A LOT of bachelor parties. Many had signs out front – “no stag parties”. Through our visits to Budapest and Krakow, we saw many groups of men from the UK.

More food in the video from our last full day. Lots of deliciousness in Budapest!

It’s not all fun and food, though. We took a free walking tour of the Jewish Quarter. Since it was raining, we were the only people to show up so we had a private tour guide. That was pretty incredible. While I took some photos, it was tricky to create videos on the tour, with our wet umbrellas. A very sad history but it’s important to learn.

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